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This website is devoted to the Duodenal Switch Procedure. It was created in the hope that you will find more insight to any questions you might have about life before, during and after DS surgery. I believe with all my heart that the way forward for us as DS patients is to be INFORMED and hopefully through this to become EMPOWERED.

It's intended to be primarily a website that has it's emphasis on my personal experience of living with the DS. Please take into account as you browse this website, that as people are individuals, my experience of the DS may well not be the same as some one else's experience. How you cope with this surgery is dependant on many factors including adopting a positive life enhancing attitude to the challenges you will have after surgery. If you are researching the various surgeries always keep in mind how you are likely to accomodate the relevant surgery. Also try to get an idea of the prevailing satisfaction levels of a group of surgically altered people. I think on the whole you will find that the greater majority of DS'ers are extremely satisfied... including myself :-).

It's highly debatable whether we can percieve the DS as a miracle cure all - but I am very happy to share with you the daily miracle that the DS surgery is for me in my personal context.

Professor Rudolph Weiner
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